Stills, Short-Films: CLIMATE ACTIONS 2.0 

From Protests to Disruptions to Litigation 

Paired Short-Films, Exhibition, Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, 2019


Exhibited at the Seoul Biennale 2019 “Collective Cities” Thematic Section curated by Beth Hughes, 
Climate Actions 2.0. two short-films screened side-by-side highlight collectivities and conflicts around climate activism in international and multi-city summits and legal institutions. The first film reviews news clips of demonstrations at the UN climate Summits in ten cities over the last decade, and creates a video-montage using the buildings of the United Nations headquarters in New York. While the second screens live footage of a youth climate-case proceedings from two different courts montaged over photos of the Supreme Court plaza in Washington, D.C. 

Climate Actions 2.0 is a project-in-progress that focuses on recent climate activism and argues for new forms of international and legal frameworks to confront the climate crises, and especially to address concerns raised by the voices from the Global South and the youth movements. Deploying filmic montage and tactical uses of architectural photos of two critical international and legal institutions, the project highlights how climate actions might accelerate actions from protests to disruptions to litigations.      

Project credits: Kadambari Baxi (with Eno Chen)

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CLIMATE ACTIONS 2.0. Photo: Tae Yoon Kim - exhibition images 

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