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Carbon - Sensors+Pollutants Small.png

Climate Optics and Manifestos
An ongoing multimedia project on climate visualizations, decarbonization futures, global governance and activism.
Project research supported by:
Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts 

Image 1: Earth-to-Exosphere Transects 
Measuring-Monitoring-Regulating-Polluting Frameworks

Pollutants Axo-Large.png
Sensors Axo-Large.png

Image 2: Earth-to-Exosphere Transect: 

Pollutants, Geo-coordinates, Climate-Model Grids

Image 3: Exosphere-to-Earth Transect: 

Measuring - Monitoring - Regulating National, International, Multi-national Frameworks  

Carbon Decarbon analyzes transboundary impacts of climate change. With illustrated interconnected narratives on climate monitoring and data collection, it examines worldwide systems and international policies that govern atmospheric space.  


The vertical transects of planetary space, in the second part of the project, span across the globe. From the Global North and Global South regions, the emerging discourse on decarbonization is included within the contexts of climate future conflicts, collaborations and activism. 

Image credits: Kadambari Baxi with Jie Gao, Nikolas Tucker

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