Climate Optics and Manifestoes

An ongoing multimedia project on climate change visualization, decarbonization futures, global governance and activism.


Project research supported by:

Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts 

Image 1: Earth-to-Exosphere Transects 

Measuring-Monitoring-Regulating-Polluting Frameworks 

Carbon Decarbon explores transboundary impacts of climate change and international activism demanding action and climate justice. With illustrated interconnected narratives on worldwide collaborations and conflicts on climate issues, particularly as related to the global north and the global south asymmetries, it offers ways to see and to engage the present climate futures.  


The project comprises two parts. The first, Carbon, requires visits to Indian Space Research Organizations (ISRO), Hyderabad, and NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (NASA-GMAO), Maryland, to document scientific research on climate change. Focusing on climate models that track carbon emissions and predict climate scenarios, the project creates new multi-scaler visualizations. They explicate national infrastructures and international mechanics of climate research, including, emissions reporting, sensors and satellite monitoring, atmospheric dynamics, etc.


The second part, Decarbon, follows activists representing the global south at the upcoming UN climate summit. It documents protests, negotiations and proposals on decarbonization, fossil-fuel divestment, de-corporatization, etc. Using diverse techniques of architectural representation, the project connects research from the domains of science and international affairs to portray spaces of global atmospheres and local distinctions. Additionally, it reframes this research to formulate manifestoes based on shared yet fair climate responsibilities and climate justice. Here, techno-market-based climate solutions are critiqued and alternative internationalist frameworks and collective actions are reimagined. 

Image 2: Earth-to-Exosphere Transect: 

Pollutants, Geo-coordinates, Climate-Model Grids

Image 3: Exosphere-to-Earth Transect: 

Measuring - Monitoring - Regulating National, International, Multi-national Frameworks  

Image credits: Kadambari Baxi with Jie Gao, Nikolas Tucker