Kadambari Baxi is an architect and educator based in New York.


Recent multimedia projects focus on concerns for climate justice, human rights and design ethics and spur different forms of architectural activism. Carbon Decarbon envisions planetary space, (non)toxic atmospheres, and speculative frameworks for just global governance. Climate Justice: WTF montages film-clips of protests at the UN climate summits worldwide, and live-courtroom footage of a youth climate lawsuit, on architectural photos of the UN headquarters in New York and the Supreme Court in Washington DC, to provoke monumental mediatic climate actions; Counter-Memorial redesigns the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero to account for all victims of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Using diverse representational techniques to connect dispersed sites and unseen problematics, these projects offer ways to view architecture from within many other domains and highlight what is often outside its frame.


Kadambari practices collaboratively forming teams on project basis, and frequently in partnerships with interdisciplinary collaborators. For Air Drifts, an exhibition on transboundary air pollution, her team included designers, filmmakers and NASA scientists. She is a co-founder of the advocacy group: WBYA? (Who Builds Your Architecture?) that addresses labor exploitation on architectural projects and construction sites worldwide. Her projects circulate in international exhibitions, publications and forums. Latest exhibitions were at the Seoul Architectural Triennale (2019) and Oslo Architectural Triennale (2016). Ongoing research from her group WBYA? was on display as solo shows at the Boston Architecture College (2019), the Art Institute of Chicago (2017) and Istanbul Design Biennale (2014).


Additionally, she maintains a research-based architectural practice in partnership with Reinhold Martin. Their work, co-authored as Martin / Baxi Architects, is excerpted in two books: Multi-National City: Architectural Itineraries (Actar, Spain, 2007) and Entropia (Black Dog Publishing, London, 2001). Selected projects are featured on the Projects section on this website.

She is a professor of practice in Architecture at Barnard + Columbia Architecture at Barnard College, Columbia University. She has spearheaded senior design studios that traveled to China, Germany and Jordan for research on architecture, diplomacy and environment. Her other teaching initiatives have focused on innovative pedagogical methodologies for incorporating new media technologies in architecture courses. Her teaching and research activities were awarded grants from Barnard Teaches: Real Place + Digital Access, Mellon Foundation Grant and Barnard Presidential Research Award. In the Academic section of this website, see studio documentation and student work.