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Multi-National City:  Feedback loops diagram

MULTI-NATIONAL CITY: Architectural Itineraries 

Co-Authors: Reinhold Martin and Kadambari Baxi, Publishers: Actar

Multi-National City follows three architectural itineraries through three cities and their histories. Like so many, these cities are caught within the feedback loops of globalization: Silicon Valley in northern California; New York's internal suburbias; and Gurgaon, a burgeoning corporate city outside of New Delhi. Each exhibits a distinct character, while together, they also form important nodes in what the authors describe as a single Multi-National City (MNC) stretching across the globe. The itineraries traced through them take the reader on a tour of the architectural monuments of corporate globalization: corporate campuses, high-rise towers, public atriums, call centers, and gated communities that tracks their shared logic, their internal discrepancies, and their undeniable strangeness. Each itinerary concludes with an unannounced stop at an architectural project that applies the lessons of the Multi-National City to itself.


> MORE INFORMATION: available on request by Email.

A Retroactive Manifesto for Silicon Valley, early project exhibition at Artists Space, New York

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