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Non-Standard Color, Citizenship by Design, Exhibition, Van Alen Institute, New York.


Kadambari Baxi and Irene Cheng 

Citizenship by Design investigates the design of international passports, identification technologies, and travel regulations to raise critical questions about contemporary citizenship, security and nation-branding. By highlighting the aesthetics of these bureaucratic documents and procedures, and by remixing graphic elements into multinational hybrids, the projects calls attention to the ways that citizenship is designed and the ways it might be reimagined in an era of proliferating global crossings.


The project began with a competitive grant from the International Design Foundation in Ulm, Germany. It resulted in: a public booth installation in Columbus Park, Chinatown, where neighborhood residents contributed views on citizenship through bi-lingual ballots and discussions; an exhibition at the Van Alen Institute and Cornell University in New York, titled as "Aesthetics of Crossing" and paired with an exhibit on US border stations (by Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects); a workshop at the Design and Culture program at the University of Arts in Zurich.  

> MORE INFORMATION: See e-Publication: Link; Request additional project documents by Email.



Citizenship by Design, a public booth installation in Columbus Park, Chinatown, New York.

Aesthetics of Crossing, Exhibition with Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects, Van Alen Institute, New York.

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