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Martin / Baxi Architects

ESP House, Digital rendering

Eat-Sleep-Play House

Martin / Baxi Architects

Designed for a hilly site in Dutchess County, New York, this weekend house is dedicated to everything except work. It lifts off a grassy plateau to slide over the crest of an adjacent rocky outcropping. Entry is from below through a double-height, skylit stairwell/vortex carved out of a solid core. On the lower level the core contains a guest bedroom plus utilities; above, it contains the kitchen and two bathrooms. The remainder of the house—an open living/dining area plus two bedrooms—is enclosed on the upper level by one-way mirrored glass with a horizontal band of transparent operable windows. The entire structure is balanced between the core and two CNC-milled, built-up plywood X-braces at the far end, behind which the upper level opens onto a terrace atop the rocky crest. 

> MORE INFORMATION: available on request by Email.

ESP House, Digital renderings

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