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Formica factory, Bilbao, Spain.


Kadambari Baxi and Maureen Connor

Formica Faux/Real was produced as an installation for Disonancias, an arts organization in Spain promoting collaborations between artists and regional industries. The installation consisted of drawings, images and a video elaborating imaginary Formica products within three somewhat ironic scenarios titled: Future Natural, Future Individual and Future Illusion. Using manipulated architectural surface patterns, old advertising images from the Formica archive, and adapted techniques of "scenario planning" often used for new product development and originating from military planning techniques, the installation proposed a re-evaluation of the history of a corporation as well as its potential futures and cultural influences. Recently the project was also exhibited at Alternativa 2012, at the Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk, Poland.  

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Formica Faux/Real, Exhibition panels for Alternativa 2012, Wyspa Institute of Art Gdansk, Poland

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