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Rowe Residence, Model photo

Martin / Baxi Architects

This 2500 square foot house in Dutchess County, New York on thirteen acres of gently rolling woodland is designed for a single commuter. To accommodate its inhabitant’s lifestyle, the house emerges from a (two-car) garage which is cut into the side of an existing slope. The main entrance is from within this garage. As it turns, the volume lifts up to expose a glazed living area at its far end. On the upper level the ceiling height rises from low to high in a crescendo that concludes in the master bedroom. Below, a kitchen separates the open, informal living area from a more formal living area. Thus, at one end the garage swallows the car, to complete the commuter’s daily transition from one interior to another. While at the other end the interior drifts outward, as the bluestone floor become a terrace. This floor/terrace also forms the first layer in a loosely cultivated landscape, which continues in a gradient running from a manicured lawn around the house to layers of non-indigenous planting that fade gradually into the existing landscape.

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Rowe Residence, Model photos and drawings

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