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Triptych 1

TRIPTYCH: Tri-Alpha iPhone/iPad App screenshots


Kadambari Baxi, Mark Collins, Sofia Krimizi, Marcos Garcia Rojo

Triptych designs media installations where viewers audio-visually compare multi-lingual alphabets, their distinct graphical character forms, and their unique ordering systems. Parallel combinations of alphabets, with repetitive overlapping sounds, highlight close similarities or radical differences in four languages: Arabic, English, Greek and Hindi. Digital animations and diagrams link and reorder phonetic transcriptions.


New technologies are used here for relearning the basics: “a-b-c’s” in four languages with new cognitive and tactile interactions designed for electronic interfaces. By combining languages in a common interface, the project encourages viewers to build a certain kind of multilingual intelligence–one that prepares us for seeing words that look different and sound foreign. In installations, participants use small touch-screens or use their entire body to trace giant overlapping letter-forms in large electronic projections. In addition, a multilingual list maps words in one language that originate from other selected languages. With comparative interfaces and diagrams, Triptych creates engaging trans-lingual play for children and life-long learners.


Download Triptych iPhone/iPad App: Link      

> MORE INFORMATION: available on request by Email.

TRIPTYCH: Touch-Scribe interactive projection 

TRIPTYCH: Reorder A-B-C animation

TRIPTYCH Diagrams: color-coded phonetic links

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